SNA is committed to bettering the lives of those we serve. We are relentless in our effort and approach to perfecting the process of Systemic Neural Adaptation and its application within the clinical environment.

We at SNA feel that comprehensive noninvasive therapies, if measurable, cost effective, and repeatable, provide a viable and, in many scenarios, preferrable option over surgically invasive or pharmacologic solutions. Systemic Neural Adaptation is the product of years of clinical research and adhearance to a strict process of careful application and review of findings. This cycle of research, application, and review slowly evolved into a quantifiable and repeatable process with measurable results.

The practical implementation of this process is now encapsulated within our Neurosage platform. The amazing results that we continue to see through Neurosage are, in many cases, unprecedented. We are very proud of our products and our people who have made the realization of our core tenets possible. At the root of who we are is a desire to change the world, one life at a time.

Talent & Creativity

The SNA leadership team is passionate about helping people and making a difference in the world. We are dedicated to the highest ideals of integrity, community leadership, and corporate responsibility.

As we grow, we are surrounding ourselves with capable and like minded professionals. Our talented team is aggressively pushing the frontier on creativity and technology.

Research & Develop

Even though SNA is coming out of the gate strong with an unparalleled product line, we continue to press the boundaries of medical science and technology innovation.

Our research scientists will continue to pursue extended applications of our process (Systemic Neural Adaptation) and our platform (Neurosage). Our research is also carrying us into additional realms of products and services that will continue to change lives.

Quality & Support

We strive to develop deep and lasting relationships with our practitioners, their technicians, and most importantly, the patients they serve.

The SNA team focuses as heavily on the quality and support of our products as we do the development of them. With SNA, our practitioners and patients are ensured of a dedicated team that will be there when needed.

What do we do?

Clinical Research

Our research scientists are dedicated practicing medical professionals. Our clinical research is the product of "hands-on" real-world findings from real people with real issues.

Technology Innovation

Technology and leading edge innovation in technology are core aspects of what we do. We are leveraging existing technology and inventing new technology as we create an innovation engine that fuels our pipeline.

Product Development

Our SNA technology acumen spans almost every aspect of the technology industry and this expertise is evident in everything we produce. We will continue to push the boundaries as we remain laser focused on our products.

Process Design

Our dedication to rigorous process and design are embodied in Systemic Neural Adaptation and neurosage. This disciplined approach to process, analysis, and design ensure effective products and repeatable results.

Training and Development

Systemic Neural Adaptation and Neurosage are at the leading edge of medical science. To insure our practitioners are guaranteed the same results that we see in our clinical trials, we partner closely in long-term relationships to train and develop our partner professionals to ensure maximum results.

Customer Service

Our team of customer care professionals are in the trenches with our practioners. We don't just react when you have a problem, we are an extension of your team and your cares and issues are ours.

SNA Leadership Team

Stephen Rivers

Stephen Rivers joined SNA Technologies in December 2014 as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director SNA Global. Prior to joining SNA Technologies, Stephen held numerous executive positions within the technology industry. Most recently he held the position of Global Chief Information Officer for CA Technologies based in New York, NY. Prior to CA he held the position of Global Chief Information Officer of NAVTEQ Corporation based in Chicago Illinois where he had oversight responsibility for all global technology, including strategic planning, technology acquisition and implementation, and strategic execution. Prior to NAVTEQ Stephen spent fifteen years with Dell Computer Corporation. While at Dell Stephen held a number of Information Technology positions including Segment CIO, Segment CTO, and Chief Enterprise Architect. Stephen graduated from the University of Arkansas with honors as a double major in Computer Science and History.

Dr. Kyle Daigle

Dr. Kyle Daigle, DC joined SNA Technologies in December 2014 as President, Chief Medical Officer, and Managing Director for SNA Global. Prior to joining SNA Technologies, Dr. Daigle owned and operated a successful clinical practice, Ultimate Performance Sports & Rehab. Most recently he held the position of consulting research scientist for Senuvo based in Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Daigle played college baseball at McNeese State University where he was a member of the 2006 Southland Conference Championship team. After leaving McNeese Dr. Daigle continued his education at LSU where he studied Biological Science. While at LSU, Dr. Daigle worked as a research assistant in the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Dr. Daigle continues to pursue clinical research in the field of kinesiology and functional neurology.

Mike McGinnis

Mike McGinnis joined SNA Technologies in December 2014 as Chairman of the Board. Mike also serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director of High Performance Fitness Inc. HPF is a research and manufacturing entity that distributes product under their own branded label as well as under the private labels of well known national entities. Prior to HPF, McGinnis held executive leadership positions in the Securities and Investment industry as well as Real Estate Development and Management. McGinnis graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing.

Robert Melillo

Dr. Robert Melillo joined SNA as Managing Director, President and Chief Administrative Officer in March of 2019. A recognized leader in medical research and innovation Dr. Melillo is known for both his business acumen and his cutting-edge research into brain function and neurological/neuro-muscular disorders. Dr. Melillo’s unique experience as a business leader, clinician, professor, and clinical researcher have positioned him as one of the world’s foremost authorities on functional neurology. Leveraging this experience, SNA and Dr. Melillo will continue to combine leading edge technology with sound clinically-proven therapy methodologies to attain unprecedented outcomes. As an adjunct professor, Dr. Melillo has trained thousands of health professionals in multiple disciplines. As a cofounder of Brain Balance, he established pragmatic, innovative and effective therapies offering non-pharmacological solutions for autism, ADHD, and other complex childhood disorders. By digitizing these solutions within a secure cloud-based software platform, SNA Biotech provides a seamless and secure delivery mechanism that guarantees consistent repeatable results.

Dr. Melillo’s role within SNA Biotech will leverage his vast experience to continue to evolve the Neurosage digital therapy product line and will focus on FDA approval as a digital therapy/digital drug. He and his wife of more than 30 years Carolyn, have 3 children and currently live in Rockville Center, NY.

Thomas Buckley

Thomas Buckley joined SNA Technologies in December 2014 as President, Chief Financial Officer, and Managing Director SNA Global. Prior to joining SNA Technologies, Thomas served as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for Sunbelt Securities and Wealth Management in Houston Texas. Before Sunbelt Securities Buckley held numerous Board and CFO positions including co-founding several startups that were acquired by larger firms. Buckley graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Daniel Huff

Daniel Huff joined SNA Technologies in January 2015 as Vice President of Content Development. Prior to joining SNA Technologies, Daniel spent ten years with CSI Document Services based in Oklahoma City, OK. While at CSI Daniel held a number of Information Technology positions including Administrator of System Automation, Process Improvement Engineer, Software Engineer, DBA, Composition Developer, Marketing/Product Manager, Graphic Artist, and Videographer. Before CSI Daniel attended Oklahoma Christian University where he studied business and information technology.

Gary Young

Gary Young joined SNA Technologies in March 2017 as the President of Sales and Marketing. Gary’s prior career spans three decades of very successful management of large computer technology sales organizations, including NCR, Sperry/UNISYS and EDS. He received numerous sales and leadership awards while managing large multimillion-dollar sales operations in the Information Technology (IT) solutions arena. Gary received his education in Marketing and Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University. Prior to joining SNA Technologies, Gary was owner and CEO of Stellargy Consulting and Stellargy Services, focused on enterprise level IT system integrators. Mr. Young was a member of the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC), member of Consortium for Advanced Management International (CAM-I), member of the National Association of Chief Information Officers (NACIO). He also served in the Texas Army National Guard, becoming an officer after attending Officer Candidate School (OCS).